2023 in Books

2024/01/01 by Paulo Pereira

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2023 in Books

Books read in 2023

This year I read 64 books:

You can check the list in Goodreads and see my 2023 Year in Books.

2023 in Books

Top 10 books and series this year

  1. “Boy’s Life” by Robert R. McCammon
  2. “Light Bringer (Red Rising Saga #6)” by Pierce Brown
  3. “Revelation Space” by Alastair Reynolds (books 2 and 3, plus “Chasm City”)
  4. “The Mistborn Saga” by Brandon Sanderson (read the first 2 books)
  5. “Lost Stars” by Claudia Gray
  6. “Wool (Silo #1)” by Hugh Howey
  7. “Bear Head (Dogs of War #2)” by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  8. “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel
  9. “Building a Second Brain” and “The PARA Method” by Tiago Forte
  10. “The Tooth Fairy” by Graham Joyce

Top authors read this year

2024 TBR

Keep up with my TBR updates through the year.

Some goals for the schedule: