My favorite file manager is Thunar, but it hasn’t folder thumbnails by default. Here’s how to enable it. Install tumbler and imagemagick yay -S tumbler imagemagick Create the following a folder.thumbnailer file and add the following sudo vi /usr/share/thumbnailers/folder.thumbnailer [Thumbnailer Entry] Version=1.0 Encoding=UTF-8 Type=X-Thumbnailer Name=Folder Thumbnailer MimeType=inode/directory; Exec=/usr/bin/folder-thumbnailer %s %i %o %u Create the folder-thumbnailer script sudo vi /usr/bin/folder-thumbnailer #!/bin/bash convert -thumbnail "$1" "$2/folder.jpg" "$3" 1>/dev/null 2>&1 ||\ convert -thumbnail "$1" "$2/.