The Long Game (The Far Reaches Book 4) by Ann Leckie (2023)

2023/09/16 by Paulo Pereira

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The Long Game (The Far Reaches Book 4) by Ann Leckie (2023)

Finished “The Long Game”.


An inquisitive life-form finds there’s more to existence than they ever dreamed in an imaginative short story by New York Times bestselling and Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author Ann Leckie. On a far-off colony, humans tower over the local species who grow the plants they need. Narr keeps the workers in line—someone has to. But when Narr learns just how short-lived their species is, the little alien embarks on a big to find out why their people die and how to stop it. Stubborn and hopeful, Narr has a plan for the locals, for humans, and for the future. Ann Leckie’s The Long Game is part of The Far Reaches , a collection of science-fiction stories that stretch the imagination and open the heart. They can be read or listened to in one sitting.