Fixing Seafile

2021/12/19 by Paulo Pereira

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Similarly to the beginning of the year, I had a problem with Seafile. It was crashing and I couldn’t start it with systemd.

Here’s my notes/steps/fixes for the issue.

I stopped the services:

sudo systemctl stop seahub
sudo systemctl stop seafile

Sudo into the seafile user:

sudo -u seafileuser -s /bin/sh

Disabled the daemon mode and manually started seafile to see the output errors:

vi $HOME/seafile/conf/
daemon = False
seafile-server-latest/ start
seafile-server-latest/ start

I had errors loading some python libraries, so I updated them:

sudo pip3 install --timeout=3600 django-pylibmc django-simple-captcha
sudo pip3 install --timeout=3600 future mysqlclient

Enabled the daemon mode:

vi $HOME/seafile/conf/
daemon = True

Started seafile with success:

sudo systemctl start seafile
sudo systemctl start seahub