Creating my own Hugo Simple List theme

2021/04/18 by Paulo Pereira

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I’ve been using the terminal theme, but I wanted to learn more about Hugo and how to create themes. Also I’ve been wanting to change to a more minimal theme.

I came across the hugo-classic theme, and while trying to customize it I decided to give it a go, fork it, and make it my own. I also used the terminal theme as inspiration.

This is my notes on how I did it and how it turned up. You can find my Simple List theme on GitLab.

Creating the theme

This is a very quick list of steps I took to create my theme.

  1. Created a new project on GitLab

  1. Git clone in my local machine
cd www
git clone
  1. Copied the hugo-classic theme I add cloned to my new theme folder

  2. Started changing the theme to my hearts content

  3. Pushed my new theme to GitLab

cd hugo-theme-simple-list
git add .
git commit -m "New Simple List theme for"
git push -u origin master

Next I talk a little about some the changes I made.


This is where the theme information is set. Don’t forget to add the original theme information.

I kept the base structure and the README file. Reviewed the instructions to match my testing of creating a new site.


For the site customization I kept only the style.css file.

I tried to simplify it and added some tweaks based of the terminal theme. I will probably continue to add some tweaks, specially while I learn more about some css ‘stuff’.


This is where the .html files are kept to define how the site is to be generated.

I tried to simplify it, reducing the number of files and adapting it to my preference. I also added a ‘rss.xml’ file to add support to the ‘description’ property in the post files.

Still a lot to learn about Hugo, so I will probably keep on making more changes.


I kept the base examples, but reviewed the ‘config.toml’ file as to be a good base for all the features this theme have.

Replacing my current theme

Although is not required, I removed my old theme before adding the new one.

Remove the submodule for the old theme from the .gitmodulesfile:

cd mysite
vi .gitmodules
git add .gitmodules

Also remove the old theme from the .git/configfile:

vi .git/config

Unstage and remove the old theme:

git rm --cached themes/terminal
rm -rf .git/modules/themes/terminal
git commit -m "Removed theme"
rm -rf themes/terminal

Add the new theme:

git submodule add themes/simple-list
git add .
git commit -m "New theme"
git push


And that was it. In the meanwhile I added some new tweaks and have some others to do and to fix.

Here’s the before/after screenshots.

Before screenshot


After screenshot