Using profile-sync-daemon in LibreWolf

2021/02/07 by Paulo Pereira

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I talked about LibreWolf last month, and how I made profile-sync-daemon work.

The way I did made Firefox stop working, so this is the better way.

Fixing what I did and set it correctly:

sudo mv /usr/share/psd/browsers/firefox_bck /usr/share/psd/browsers/firefox
sudo cp /usr/share/psd/browsers/firefox /usr/share/psd/browsers/librewolf

Replacing .mozilla/firefox with .librewolf in /usr/share/psd/browsers/librewolf and restart psd.

sudo vi /usr/share/psd/browsers/librewolf
systemctl --user stop psd.service
systemctl --user start psd.service

psd p