LibreWolf - A fork of Firefox

2021/01/16 by Paulo Pereira

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LibreWolf - A fork of Firefox

LibreWolf is a fork of Firefox, focused on privacy, security and freedom.

I’ve been trying it out and so far so good. It’s basically Firefox, but with out of the box enhanced security and without Mozilla telemetries, Pockets and stuffs.


paru -S librewolf-bin

Set LibreWolf as the default browser

I’m using i3-gaps.

I need to change my .profile.

vi .profile
export BROWSER="/usr/bin/librewolf"

And replace firefox with librewolf in the mimeapps.list file.

vi .config/mimeapps.list

Using Profile-sync-daemon

profile-sync-daemon (psd) is a tiny pseudo-daemon designed to manage browser profile(s) in tmpfs and to periodically sync back to the physical disc.

»» UPDATE: Check an updated setup of psd here.

I’ve been using psd so improve Firefox performance. It doesn’t come with out of the box support for LibreWolf, but you can use the Firefox config as a dropin to LibreWolf.

Just replace .mozilla/firefox with .librewolf in /usr/share/psd/browsers/firefox.

sudo cp /usr/share/psd/browsers/firefox /usr/share/psd/browsers/firefox_bck
sudo vi /usr/share/psd/browsers/firefox

And restart psd.service.

systemctl --user restart psd.service

You can check if it’s pointing to the right direction with:

psd p

Check the Arch Linux Wiki for more about psd.