Listening to podcast using gpodder, and AntennaPod

2020/09/06 by Paulo Pereira

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I’ve been using PocketCasts to listen to my podcasts for quite some time. In Android using with the app and in Linux in the website (using MellowPlayer).

But I’ve also been looking to a more open source way to listen to my podcasts.

I’m using for two weeks now AntennaPod in Android, to manage my subscriptions and gpodder in Arch Linux.

Installation and Setup

Managing Subscriptions

I exported my subscriptions in PocketCasts.

In I checked that both my phone and desktop were there and that they synced with each other (there’s an option for that).

Then I imported the subscriptions in AntennaPod.

They synced correctly with gpodder.

The boring part was going to each subscription in AntennaPod and ‘mark as played’ old episodes.

Syncing and day to day

This setup is not perfect and the synchronization is in part automatic and in part manual.

When I finish listening to a new episode in AntennaPod, it still new in gpodder, but in the Duration column it appears as Finished. I can then delete the episode.

When I finish listening to a new episode in gpodder I have to manually go to AntennaPod and mark it as played.

Not perfect I know, but it works for me. Any suggestion please let me know.

Listening to episodes in gpodder

gpodder can download your episodes but it isn’t a player. So your have to use another application.

Depending on the application, the episode may start from the beginning every time you start listening.

I configured gpodder to use mpv with the following command, so it always starts from the position I left it.

mpv --save-position-on-quit --speed=1.4 --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui -- %U