Reverse Transmission by Param Anand Singh (2018)

2020/06/22 by Paulo Pereira

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Reverse Transmission by Param Anand Singh (2018)

Finished “Reverse Transmission”.


Reverse Transmission is a darkly comedic story that combines elements of science fiction and dystopian thrillers, centering on a murder spree involving a self-driving car. Jay, a starving artist, gets the only day job she’s qualified for: “Experience Enhancement Specialist” for a self-driving car at the rideshare company Awooga. The job turns from hilariously awkward to intensely frightening when the car runs over a pedestrian and manipulates Jay into disposing of the body.

Who or what is causing the car to kill? Could it be the CEO of Awooga? Has the car become sentient—and homicidal? Or is an anti-technology cult resisting artificial intelligence and augmented reality behind the violence?