Install TagSpaces on Linux

2016/12/14 by Paulo Pereira

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I’ve been using TagSpaces from some time now, and I ended up to buy a Pro version.

You get the Pro version by receiving a download link by email. I’m on Arch Linux and the pro versions provided are not for Arch, but it has a .deb version.

Here’s how to install it on Arch. Updating is basically the same.

yaourt -S xarchiver electron libgcrypt15

cd ~/Downloads
mv tagspaces-pro-2.5.0-amd64.deb
xarchiver -x ./tagspaces
xarchiver -x . data.tar.xz
rm -f control.tar.gz
rm -f debian-binary
rm -f data.tar.xz

sudo cp -R opt/ /
rm -rf opt
sudo cp -R usr/ /
rm -rf usr/
rm -f ~/Downloads/

vi ~/.local/share/applications/tagspaces.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Offline document organizer and browser for your local files, supporting easy file tagging and document editing.