Adventures in Arch (Part III): Customizing

2013/06/09 by Paulo Pereira

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In this part I will show the customizations I made in the desktop environment.

I will keep updating this post in the next weeks, in case I have other tips.

Arch Linux


I like Ubuntu fonts so:

sudo pacman -S ttf-ubuntu-font-family

GNOME Shell tweaks

Tweak Tool

Install GNOME Tweak Tool:

sudo pacman -S gnome-tweak-tool

Some changes I made:

GNOME extensions

Using GNOME’s Web browser go to:

I’m using:

Region and Language

Go to Settings > Region and Language and in the Input Sources I add the Portuguese keyboard. Don’t forget to also add it in the Login Screen menu.

Online Accounts

Go to Settings > Online Accounts and add Google and Facebook, for example.


Change the themes with GNOME Tweak Tool

Cursor theme:

yaourt -S xcursor-human

Shell and GTK theme:

yaourt -S gtk-theme-numix