Install Xylon in Galaxy Nexus

2013/03/09 by Paulo Pereira

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I was having problems in AOKP, so I decided to try a different ROM and a different kernel.

I’ve decided to go with Xylon and Ak Kernel.

What is Xylon?

“A Generally based of many kinds of features around the Android Development and fits into minimal customization. It may act up like AOKP, but totally not at all. Overall, we’re still in work in progress state of changing the base to slightly minimal like FNV before. This ROM is built off with GCC 4.7, O3, Linaro Strings enabled. (Galaxy Nexus Kernel, fusion with anarkia’s horn, O3 and Linaro GCC 4.7.3 enabled.).” from xda-developers


I remember when I saw the FNV ROM. I didn’t try it back then, but it looked very good, so when I was looking for a new ROM I went with Xylon.

Ak Kernel

Ak Kernel comes in two flavors:



As with AOKP, I will show how to do a fresh install of Xylon with Ak Kernel.

Backing up your device

You can also backup using FTP for example. I normally use WellFTP Server.

Don’t forget to backup at least your “clockwork” and “TitaniumBackup” folders!

Note: clockwork backups are located in “/data/media/clockworkmod” and not in “/data/media/0/clockworkmod”, at least at my system.

Check in what folder you have the following folders: “backup” and “blobs”. That will be the correct clockwork backup folder.

Wiping your device

After these steps, your device, including the “sdcard” is cleaned without ROM or files.

Installing Xylon

I will be installing Xylon 2.1.1 (2013-02-28), based on Android 4.2.2, and the provided Google Apps (gapps-xy-20130220-nops-BAnKs-signed). The kernel is the Cylon edition, version 716.

Restoring your “sdcard”

When restoring I tend to use WellFTP Server.

Restoring your apps

Ak Kernel settings

To change Ak Kernel setting use Trickster MOD Kernel Settings. Don’t forget to donate to the developer by purchasing the premium key.

Also, read the kernel FAQ here.