Install Ak Kernel in Galaxy Nexus

2013/03/10 by Paulo Pereira

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I started using Ak Kernel after installing Xylon, as I talked about in my previous post.

Ak Kernel

I will show how to install Ak Kernel coming from another kernel an how to simply update Ak Kernel when a new version is released.

You can also read the kernel FAQ here.

Ak Kernel

Ak Kernel comes in two flavors:

Install Ak Kernel coming from another kernel

If you are installing Ak Kernel for the first time in your ROM, follow this steps:

You won’t lose your data by doing this! Only the /system partition is formated, your /data partition won’t be touched.

Still always backup first!

Updating Ak Kernel

When a new update is available just flash the new kernel. It will wipe the cache and dalvik cache for you.

Purity vs. Cylon

When changing between the two editions I recommend you to proceed as coming from another kernel, as showed.

Ak Kernel settings

To change Ak Kernel setting use Trickster MOD Kernel Settings. Don’t forget to donate to the developer by purchasing the premium key.

I’m still playing with the setting and will post my config when I find one I like.