Low RAM problems after AOKP Build 3 update

2013/02/23 by Paulo Pereira

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After updating AOKP to the latest build 3, my phone started to get really laggy. Digging around in Google I found others having the same problem.

It seems that the SystemUI has a memory leak, and starts consuming an abnormal quantity of RAM. This means that apps will start to be killed and relaunched, including the UI. The consequence is the sluggishness of the phone. Rebooting solves the problem, but it’s only temporary.

One suggestion given in the RootzWiki forum was to disable the camera widget in the lockscreen. This seems to not work for some people, but it worked for me.

Just download the Lockscreen Policy app, and disable the camera widget (or all the widgets completely) from the lockscreen.

Lockscreen Policy

Other widgets you may may have included in the lockscreen may also be the reason for this low RAM problems.

In the RootzWiki forum, another option emerged: a unofficial AOKP v4.2.2 based version.

I’ve been running the Feb-20 version for some days with no problems.

To install I used the same method for updating to the official build 3, but the franco.Kernel version used was r365 (first version supporting Android 4.2.2).