FavApps: franco.Kernel updater

2013/01/04 by Paulo Pereira

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A well established top-100 paid app with one of the highest ratings in that top. It combines a series of powerful tools to manage your device with your favorite kernel, specially with franco.Kernel.

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I use franco.Kernel at quite some time. The app to control to change the kernel setting is payed, but it is a great app and you support the developer.


Here are my current settings, based on osm0sis.


Maximum CPU Frequency: 1536 MHz

Minimum CPU Frequency: 384 MHz

Current Governor: interactive

Maximum CPU Frequency for screen off: 537 MHz

Governor Control:

above_hispeed_delay: 60000

go_hispeed_load: 65

hispeed_freq: 1036 MHz

min_sample_time: 45000

timer_rate: 15000

input_boost_freq: 729 MHz

I typically do any changes in Voltages.

Custom Kernel Settings

IO Scheduler: deadline

I usually check “Turn Logger off” and “Turn Events logging off”

TCP Congestion Avoidance Algorithm: westwood

Color Control

Color Multipliers: 250 300 350

RGB Gamma: 0 0 12

Disable Content Adaptive Brightness: unchecked

Trinity’s Contrast Interface: -24

OMAP4 Gamma: Disabled