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2012/06/09 by Paulo Pereira

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Ubuntu Software Center

Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web. Chromium serves as a base for Google Chrome, which is Chromium rebranded (name and logo) with very few additions such as usage tracking and an auto-updater system.

I’ve been using Chrome and Chromium for quite some time. Probably since Google launched Chrome.

It’s always one of the first apps I install in a new system.

Installing Chromium

You can install Chromium via the Ubuntu Software Center. You can also use the button at the beginning of this post.

To install via terminal:

sudo apt-get install chromium-browser chromium-browser-l10n

Installing Google Chrome

If you prefer Google Chrome go to Google Chrome website and download the .deb file.

I always prefer the beta version.

sudo dpkg -i Downloads/google-chrome/google-chrome-beta_current_amd64.deb

Last time I installed Chrome I had the following error:

dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of google-chrome-beta:
 google-chrome-beta depends on libxss1; however:
 Package libxss1 is not installed.
 google-chrome-beta depends on libcurl3; however:
 Package libcurl3 is not installed.
dpkg: error processing google-chrome-beta (--install):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured

I fixed the problem this way:

sudo apt-get -f install

I usually remove Firefox from the system:

sudo apt-get remove --purge firefox