GCstar Personal Collections Manager

2009/11/29 by Paulo Pereira

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I use GCStar to keep track of my Movie collection. It’s great!

GCstar is an application for managing your collections. It supports many types of collections, including movies, books, games, comics, stamps, coins, and many more. You can even create your own collection type for whatever unique thing it is that you collect! Detailed information on each item can be automatically retrieved from the internet and you can store additional data, such as the location or who you’ve lent it to. You may also search and filter your collections by many criteria.

After installing Karmic the automatic information retrieval from the Internet wasn’t working. To install the latest version that fixes this problem just do the following:

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gcstar/gcstar-dev/ubuntu karmic main
sudo apt-get install gcstar