GnomeDo 0.5

2008/07/29 by Paulo Pereira

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A friend of mine asked me about a Linux equivalent to Launchy, a keystroke launcher for Windows.

And that is GnomeDo.


sudo aptitude purge gnome-do gnome-do-plugins gnome-do-plugin-rhythmbox
rm -rf ~/.local/share/gnome-do/plugins/
deb hardy main
deb-src hardy main
sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install gnome-do 

Using GnomeDo

Go to Application > Accessories > GNOME Do to start the application (it will also appear in your notification area).

To summon GnomeDo press Super+Space (the Super key is the one with the windows logo).

Know just type what you want to launch. If you want to open a Terminal window start typing Termi and your good to go.

Use the Down key to view all the options available to what you’re writing and he Tab key to navigate horizontally (you’ll get it).


My favorite Official Plugins

My favorite Community Plugins