2008/06/24 by Paulo Pereira

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Synergy is a great piece of software. It allows you to, and I quote, “easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware”. Yes, your could use Linux, Windows or Mac OS. I’m only using it between to Ubuntu machines, so share your eXPerience if your using Linux and Windows for example.

Check here a little animation.

After you install and setup Synergy you only need to move your mouse to the right, left, up or down of your monitor (according to your setup) and your automatically gain control of the other machine. Now your mouse and keyboard will work there. To return to the main machine do the opposite.

This means that if your are using Synergy between your desktop and laptop, and the laptop is to the right of your desktop monitor, you’d move your mouse to the right to gain control of the laptop and to the left, in the laptop, to gain control of your desktop.



Here’s how I’ve setup my desktop and laptop:

I’ve added an Application Launcher to the Panel in my laptop with the following ( is the desktop IP):


This way, when I turn on my laptop I only need one mouse click to start using Synergy goodness.


If your using a firewall you need to open the tcp port 24800 in the server machine (in my case the desktop).

I’m using ufw, so I did in my desktop machine ( is the laptop IP):

sudo ufw allow proto tcp from to any port 24800