I’m preparing to install Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” in my desktop machine.

Before starting

  • Try, using the Ubuntu live-cd, at least graphics, sound and cable network access (done)
  • Backup important data (done)
  • Decide the partition layout for all my hard drives (example (done)
  • Rethink my home network (IPs, Windows workgroup names…)
  • Decide between Ubuntu 32 bits and Ubuntu 64 bits for my AMD Athlon 64BIT X2 DUAL-CORE 4200+ SKAM2 2.20 GB
    • I’ve decided to go with Ubuntu 32 bits (done)
    • Check if both cores are beeing used (done)

I will be dual-booting (for now) with Windows XP, and in order to release myself from Windows completely, here’s a “to achieve” list.

This list doesn’t have a significant order of importance.

To achieve (check the installation eXPerience here

  • Internet access using my home network (cable) (achieved)
  • Internet access using my home network (wireless)
  • Read and write support from Linux to my Windows partitions (just in case) (achieved)
  • Read and write support from Windows to my Linux partitions (just in case)
  • Divx and Xvid playback with subtitle files support (achieved)
  • Full browser experience (Java, flash…) (achieved)
  • Microsoft Office 100% support (achieved using a virtual machine)
    • it isn’t enough .doc support
    • as an example, the Excel formats, graphs, etc. should be exactly the same
    • it could be done using a virtual machine
  • Windows XP in a virtual machine (objective - legacy support) (achieved)
  • Streaming media content (xvid, divx) to my Xbox 360
    • the the content must be converted to the right format in real time
    • it must add subtitles to the media (for instance .srt separated files)
    • in Windows I use TVersity
  • Print to PDF (achieved)
  • Have a subtitle editor (achieved)
    • a needed feature is to fix the subtitles in order to keep a fixed number of characters for column
    • in Windows I use Subtitle Workshop
  • Software to mount cd image files (like .iso) (achieved)
  • Recording software (CD and DVD support) (achieved)
  • Google Earth and Google Notifier (achieved)
  • Full iPod Touch support (it could be done using a virtual machine)
  • Full Calendar and Contacts sync support for Qtek 9100 (it could be done using a virtual machine) (achieved)
  • Apache, PHP and MySQL solution for my home database solution, currently working in Windows (achieved)
  • Remote Desktop Connection to other machines, including Windows (it could be done using a virtual machine)
  • Home network (at least shared folders) (achieved)

Other nice stuff I’d like

  • BIOS upgrades (it could be done using a virtual machine)
  • System monitor (hard drive free space, cpu, memory, network and temperature)