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2008/03/20 by Paulo Pereira

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This blog is intended to log my latest experience in Linux.

Through the years I have tried out several distributions such as Red Hat (and later Fedora), Suse, Mandrake (now Mandriva) and the Portuguese Caixa Mágica.

There were always something that drove me back to Windows and as the years passed the free time started to be insufficient to allow me dive right into it.

I recently decided to format my laptop and install Ubuntu. I started by dual booting it with Windows to try it out first, but soon (in the same day actually) the eXPerience begun.

My desktop machine will be next.

This blog will help me (and perhaps others) in future installations and to document my favorite software and tips.

There will probably be others posts about other subjects. News, funny stuff and maybe even some crude blogging.

I will organize the blog using labels as an index to the several subjects. Each post can have zero or more labels. The index is bound to change.

Some posts will be edited through time instead of adding new posts with the same subject. If I need to add some new info about configuring network setting, the original post will probably be edited.